Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sketches & Ideas

So ya'll know how much I love my tools, right? Let me introduce you to Bind-It-All!

I bought this amazing machine last year from Eclectic Paperie and at the time I thought "Cool! I can make my own journals and stuff!". But it's been so much easier to pick up already-made journals in the $1 bin at Michaels and alter them than to make my own, so the poor little machine just sat in it's box.

Until now!

These are sketchbooks! They are the perfect size to carry in your purse so when you see that inspiration... that color combo in a store that would look awesome on a card... or you want to keep a sketch of one of the various sketch challenges you find on the web... or you doodle an amazingly cool layout when you are suppose to be listening on that conference call (oh wait, that's me. sorry)... you are ready!

I used 3.5 x 5 recipe cards for the inside. One side of the card has lines, while the other does not, so you have a place to draw your sketch, and also lines to make notes.

The front and back is a firm chipboard, covered in various papers and embellishments. So easy to make!

The Bind-It-All cuts through this stuff like butter! I put 9 recipe cards together each time I punched the holes!

Here is a close up of some of the designs:

I think these are going to be perfect for some stamper friends of mine!

The inspiration for these came from my extremely creative friend Mishie! She is the sketch Queen! She always carries a sketch book with her so when she sees cool color combos, or a layout idea pops into her head she can grab her book and write it down. For me, that is very important (the write it down part), because I think of cool things, and just as quickly forget them. LOL!

I think I'm gonna keep my Bind-It-All out on the counter for a while. I have quite a few ideas in my head for using it! oooo' I better write them down! (I know, I'm a dork!)



Wanda. said...

These are GREAT!!! TFS

KooKie said...

These are so ADORABLE!!!

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

Yeahhhhh, HB!
Methinks the BIA belongs on the "ready" spot just like you do! When in doubt ... make it "readily seen"!


Stefanie Staniak said...

These are so Stinkn' cute !! You have been one busy lady. I'll have to make one for myself once I use up the note book that my secret sister made for me:)

Heather McNally said...

AMAZING, baby!! Love the sketch books - you're rockin' the BIA!

chelemom said...

Ooooooh I love these!!! You should sell those little books!!! (for people like me.....who jot down sketches on little tiny scraps of paper....that very easily get lost! : )

Debbie Olson said...

LOVE your little sketch books! I think I need to do this. I am the queen of little scraps all over the house. . .

Kar said...

my BIA sits in it's box... Used it once but might need to take it out and make a couple of these soon.

Vicki C said...

Wow,What a totally fun bunch of goodies! Way cool! I'm thinking I might need one now. Thanks alot, you little enabler. lol

Lauraline said...

Wow, this is a great idea! Mine is also sitting in its box since I bought it, but it will come out this week for sure now! Thanks for sharing!