Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazingly blessed!

I have had THE most amazing 7 days! It started with spending 4 days with a group of exceptionally talented, beautiful, funny and crazy women! These girls are some of my very favorite people in the whole world! We meet at a retreat center in Wisconsin every year and stamp, eat, and laugh until we cannot stand it! And then we laugh some more!

One of the girls, AngFABULOUS, is a digi-scrapper extraordinaire. She created a digi mini album for each of us of all the pics she took.

This is the page Ang created of our group shot. I'm way over on the right, hiding behind Joy! LOL

After the retreat, it was off to the MN Northshore for some relaxation. (ya right.) The weather was gorgeous and we saw a bounty of God's beautiful creation.

These two do not stop. It was hike down this trail, and up this hill and over these rocks.

I loved every minute of it!!!

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Bevie Pearl said...

Hugs to you times 1000. I love looking at this picture and remembering the good times. I am glad you had fun on your extended leg with the girls.