Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Times!

Remember in my last post (ya, the one that was over a week ago!) I told you DH and I were going to spend a few days playing with our granddaughters? Well, we survived (and so did the girls! lol). We played, and read lots and lots of books, and cooked, and rode bikes, and played some more. Do you know that an 18 month old never, ever stops moving? LOL!

It was my birthday during this visit, so we took the girls to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. Our youngest DD, Amanda, works there. After dinner, Amanda came out with a cake and some of the other waitstaff and they sang me happy birthday! I was so impressed that she had baked, and decorated, the cake herself (although she could have put a few less *51*'s on it!!!)

This is Gracie, me, Amanda and Elise with the cake. DH is taking the pic. Why don't I ever think to have someone else take the pic so we can all be in it?

Gracie is in kindergarten this year and her school was having homecoming festivities. This pic is of her on Crazy Hair Day. She is a HOOT!

And this is Elise, in one of her non-moving moments. She's a little pipsqueak who loves the book Mrs. Wishy Washy (we read it at least 50 times while we were there). I think it's because it has a duck in it and she loves to say *duck*!

I really miss these little ones and envy those of you who have your grandbabies in the same city.

Tomorrow... back to our regular scheduled programing. (cards!)



Bevie Pearl said...

HB, Your grand daughters are beautiful. I am so glad that you got to celebrate with the family on your bday. Did you save a piece of cake for me?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carol, what beautiful grandchildren you have...I know you had a wonderful time with them!
Ad K.

Cindy Lyles said...

HB they are absolutely DARLING!!!! I giggled at your 'they never stop moving' comment!!! Hope your birthday was WONDERFUL!!!!!

Stefanie Staniak said...

Your grandbabies are beautiful!! You should post a picture a month for us. Then we can watch them grow too!! :)
I'm glad you had a wonderful time with them and Happy Belated Birthday my friend ! :)

Catherine said...

oh I missed you and thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. Your daughter is gorgeous and so is your grandkids. 51?!? You look great and belated Happy Birthday!

Vicki C said...

Am I just the worst friend ever?? OH my... HAPPY ( belated) BIRTHDAY my sweet friend!!!
Here you are calling me for mine and I miss yours! Can you say.. LOOSER? I feel like pond scum.