Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guy cards

edited to replace the duplicate picture with the missing one.  I'm a dork.

Hello!  I have a lot to share with you today.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day (ya, like from 10 am to 11pm! lol) with a couple good friends at Archivers.  I love stamping and chatting and laughing with these girls.  Anyway... I had recently bought the Note to Self paper pack from Echo Park and decided to use it to make Guy cards.  

I made 10 (TEN!) cards!  People who know me know that that is a lot in one day.  I am stoked that my mojo is coming back.  The only stamping was the sentiment (except for the airplane card), and I used a lot of dies.


These will all go to the Meals on Wheels program in the Twin Cities.  I donate cards to them each year to give their clients.  It's such a good program for our senior shut-ins!

Did you get crafty this weekend?  Isn't it just the funnest thing!?!??!
See you soon!


Cindy Lyles said...

With crafty friends AND at Archivers - you LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!!!! Loving these cards - adore this paper line!!! xoxoxoxo

Stefanie Staniak said...

Great cards! How fun of a day you must have had. Say hi to those old friends from me.
I hope you don't mind but I would love to case your cards. These guy cards are stupendous!
Sending hugs your way.

lynn said...

you are so sweet to donate your beautiful cards, hb! (if you are a dork, then, i am too!) been there and done that:)

Denise Marzec said...

Wow, you were on a roll!....and not only did you made 10 cards, but you made 10 GORGEOUS cards! I love them all, HB!

Leslie Miller said...

It IS the funnest thing, and it's also very fun to come here and see all these amazing cards you whipped up in one day. Ten cards is a lot for me to do in one month. I'm embarrassed to admit that, seeing as how I spent the day shopping with a friend at our LSS. There always seems to be time to buy more supplies! You are a very creative lady to make so many really awesome cards in a day!