Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dude...Happy Birthday!

It's a VERY special day today! It's my sweet friend Joy's birthday. Yup... it's THAT Joy, of Eclectic Paperie's Joy & Daisy.

I just HAD to use this new adorable image from Hangin' Loose with Kona, a new eP exclusive set for her birthday card!

You see the first time I met Joy was at a SU! regional event in Milwaukee. It was February, a hundred degrees below 0 and snowing like crazy. A bunch of us girls were standing at the door (inside!) of the hotel waiting for the airport shuttle to bring Joy and her sister, Joyce. Now, these two girls are PURE Cali girls, so you can imagine what a shock the weather was! LOL!

Well, here they come off the shuttle bus, bundled with multiple layers, giant mucklukk boots and the brightest Hawaiian flowery luggage you've ever seen!

The minute I saw this image and pared it with the Hawaiin flower paper, it just screamed Joy! So, there you go... a peak at eP's new exclusive set and a birthday wish all rolled into one!


(act surprised when you find this in the mail, ok?)


Tracey said...

A fantastic card! Kona is too cute!

Pam said...

CUTE HB! Love his polkadotty towel!

Joy said...

Soooooo cute on screen..... even cuter in person. I just love HB! Can't wait to see you soon my friend! :)